Proudly Stand Up And Take The Pledge

 Our goal is, to give people a mechanism whereby they can finally stand up and say publicly, “I am not a Racist”. Regardless of what you have been told by Liberal Progressives, that conservatives are mean-spirited hate-filled racists, nothing can be further from the truth! What is so distasteful about this is… the fact that Liberal Progressives know that these claims are false, and yet they continue to spread these lies, simply to further their own agendas. Even the political parties of the LP’s spread these lies to divide us, and make certain that segments of our society vote a particular way.

Conservatives believe this is a despicable way to treat anyone of any color,  from any segment of our society. And, we  firmly believe that equality is not something handed-out by man, equality is demanded by a higher power, and equality among races should be as natural and common-place as breathing. Such feelings were spelled-out in plain language in our Declaration of Independence.

The foremost good in America’s national tradition is found in the immortal opening words of the Declaration of Independence of 1776: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Pledge at bottom.

Like other nations, America is not without blemish. Although in practice all men were not treated equally in our nation’s past, it is the Declaration’s commitment to the equality of all human beings which provided the moral and legal justification that enabled the steady progress Americans have made toward the achievement of equal civil rights of all races and peoples.

All the above leads to the one reason for this blog, to tell the world that you are NOT a ‘Racist’. Take the following pledge of your own freewill and declare that you will no longer accept being called a Racist. By signing your name on the form provided below you officially announce the truth to your fellow Americans. This is a grass-roots effort, so we only need your name and state of residence to be put on the roll. The recording of your pledge only takes a few moments and won’t cost you a thing.

We fully understand that by signing this pledge racism will not suddenly  just disappear, although we wish that were possible. Other than judging men and women by the content of their character in our daily lives, we know of no other way to publicly prove to people that we are not Racist. This pledge is a step in that direction. In the future, if anyone accuses you of being racist, you simply tell them they are wrong, and point to your name on the pledge as proof. 

We hope that taking the ‘Pledge’ will start a national grass-roots movement whereby millions of Conservative Americans will be able to once and for all, stand-up and proudly proclaim to the world that… we are NOT racist.  

Those on the radical left that will not want this ‘Pledge’ to become a Clarion call (A clarion call is a powerful request for action or an irresistible mandate) for Conservatives of any color. So we expect trouble. We are taking extraordinary precautions to keep the ‘Pledge’ rolls as clean and pure as possible, because we need to weed-out those that would sign as Mickey Mouse, or worse. We fully intend to keep this a meaningful and serious effort to tell fellow Americans that we are not racist, and are willing to proudly show our names to the public to prove it.

When you sign the ‘Pledge’ you may not see your name entered on the roll immediately. Until we can find the right program, we must manually add names to the roll. For now this is the only way we can assure that we keep the rolls clean of trouble-makers.

Now that you know what we stand for, please join us. Read and sign the Pledge now!


Pledge Signing Instructions

To have you’re name proudly added to the roll, enter First name, Last name, and State of residence in the ‘Comment’ box below. You may also leave a short message. We will post only select comments. Thank you!

The Pledge rolls begin below. Stand-up and sign now!

  1. Giovanni Faga, North Carolina
  2. Paul Nodale, New York
  3. Kari Sharp, Pennsylvania
  4. Donald and Patricia Chaffin, Kansas 
  5. Maria Chang, California
  6. Gregor, A. James California
  7. David Roberts, Georgia
  8. Kriston Whiteside, Nevada
  9. Debbie Gere, Washington
  10. Steve Janus, Florida
  11. Jen Elslager, Pennsylvania
  12. H. Davis, Georgia
  13. Jan Moon,  Missouri
  14. Tom Grant, North Carolina
  15. Deb Amedick, New Jersey
  16. Doug Little, Florida
  17. Frank Coll, Iowa
  18. Warren Saunders, Florida
  19. R. Sahlin, Wisconsin
  20.  Willie Gordon, North Carolina
  21.  Ed Coyne, San Angelo TX
  22.  D. Wade, Washington
  23.  Laurie Braun, North Dakota
  24. George Brombacher, California
  25. Velenda Brombacher, California
  26. Paula Maffo, ?
  27. Ken Kanige, ?
  28. Juan Carlos Casas, California
  29.  Cliff Brown, Mississippi
  30. Brian Lee Gnad, Oklahoma
  31. Kenneth Strout, ?
  32. Tammy Carlos, Arizona
  33. Michael Rochefort, ? 
  34.  Linda S. Biamonte, New Jersey
  35. Richard McFiren
  36. Ronald Carter, MT
  37. April Carter, Montana
  38. Aharon Griggs, Georgia
  39. Steven Day, Georgia
  40. Roella Day, Georgia
  41. John Rhodes, ?
  42. Greg Smith, ?
  43. James Allen, ?
  44. Allan G. Hitchmoth, ?
  45. Mary Lynn Ortmann, Texas
  46. Eunice R, California
  47. Fred Chorro, Pennsylvania
  48. Mike Herr, Florida
  49. Gene Shires, NC
  50. Teresa Harrell, NC
  51. Don Harrell, NC
  52. Anita Hughes, NC
  53. Gay Long, NC
  54. Karen Koger, Maryland
  55. Secured Borders U.S.A.,  Nevada
  56. Keith Wood, Nevada
  57.  Mitch Crabbe, Georgia
  58. Mickey Murray, Arizona
  59. Jerry Jackson, Hawaii
  60. Nick Fortune, Pennsylvania
  61. Valerie Allen,  TX
  62. Chris Kinsley, NY
  63. Nancy Evans, CA
  64.  De Anna Blakeman, TX
  65. Chette Nichols Jr, Virginia
  66. Wendy Chatham,  ?
  67. Bob Artz, Florida
  68. Donald Borsch Jr. CT
  69. Joe and Sharon Oliver, Oregon
  70. Michael D. Williamson, CA
  71. Nathan Ballein, Washington
  72. Janie Escobar, Texas
  73. Christopher Beattie, New York
  74. Frances Stafford, ?
  75. Linda Walters, Ohio
  76. Marilyn Mackenzie, Ohio
  77. Benjamin Hicks, Louisiana
  78. De Anna Blakeman,  ?
  79. C. Driver, GA
  80. Eugene Goeller, NC
  81. David Holmes, Maine
  82. N. Hunt,  ?
  83. Vanessa J. Martinez,  FL
  84. Eric C. Martin, Illinois
  85. John Santos, Arizona
  86. Bob Keyser, Maryland
  87. Chris Zwisler, Colorado
  88. George F. Austin,  Arizona
  89. John Lybrand, South Carolina
  90. Don Gregory, NC
  91. David Sedgwick, Arkansas
  92. Vinny Raineri, North Carolina
  93. Ray Millican, South Africa
  94. Jennifer Rusk, Texas
  95.  Mitch Morey,  California
  96. Steve D’Agostino from good ol’ North Carolina
  97. Rev T. Shame, Indiana
  98. Clif Olson,  CA
  99. Gene Dougherty, California
  100. S_in_Severn ?
  101. Judie Collins,  California
  102. Jordyn Rose, North Carolina
  103. Davis Bradshaw, ?
  104. Jerry Ann Haynam, ?
  105. Bill & Kathy Hodges,  Florida
  106. Dr. Gregory S. Waddell, Tenn
  107. TomHunt, Mass
  108. Lee Janik,  ?
  109. Zachary DeBoer,  ?
  110. J.C. Brundige, Georgia
  111. Bobbie Harris, Virginia
  112. Patricia Kilroy, Georgia
  113. Justin Chandler, North Carolina


 Giovanni Faga, founder of the ‘I Am Not A Racist’ initiative. Contact:


Published on May 16, 2009 at 3:15 am  Comments (9)  

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  1. I am not a racist, and it makes me sad, that, it even needs to be said. We are all God’s children, my only desire, as that no man, woman or child leaves this earth without knowing the King of Kings. In my heart that is much more important than what color you are, what your background is, if you are a liberal or conservative. We all have gifts given to us by God, and it is out of love that He has blessed us each with those gifts. I could not go to war, but I can pray for those that do. I can support them in anyway I can, and I can let them know how grateful I am for them, and proud I am to have them fighting not only for our country, but for freedom from terrorists, all over the world.

  2. The only people who benefit from ‘racism’ are the leftist activists and politicians who make a career out of accusing Americans of racism, creating and supporting programs that reinforce the lie that only the state can ‘save you’. Conservatives don’t give a damn what the color of your skin is. A true conservative wants EVERYONE to prosper, not just people of their own ethnicity. The only people in America who never thought a person of color would ever be elected President were liberals. Hence, Chris Mathew’s comment: “For an hour I forgot [Obama] was black.” I am proud to say, “I am a conservative, AND I AM NOT A RACIST!”

  3. My parents were not racists and raised their three children not to be racists. I truly believe in content of character, not the external trappings. That we are all G-d’s Children and G-d does not make junk.

    But it took me 5 years of military service before I realized that these were all CONSERVATIVE Values! I am so blest that I had 15 more years of military service to espouse them and lead by example.

  4. It makes me sick to hear people say “I am an African American, I am Italian American etc” For god sake you are AMERICANS and be proud of it. Drop all this nonsense and you will find many problems will disappear with it. You are one country and never forget it. It was once said “The only way to destroy the U.S.A. is from within!” I am a South African who loves your country!Do not allow crazy politicians to destroy your wonderful country which you all should be very proud of!

  5. I am so sick of political correctness ruling the day. How long before common sense and moral courage resume their rightful place in the American dialect? When will we be able to tell the truth about anything without having to worry about the PC police distorting the very meaning of our words with some claim of covert racism in an effort to divert the public’s attention away from the original point? Wake up people, your country is being stolen from you and turned into a Godless,socialist nightmare.

  6. I am not a racist and I’m a proud AMERICAN who believes in GOD, truth, fairness and the constitution of this great country.

  7. I am of a mixed family. My mother was an American citizen by marriage but felt it honorable by becoming one by testing into citizenship. I am from a hard working succesful family and believe your character is determined by your actions. We love the United States but want our officials to follow the Constitution and not pursue their personal interests to our detriment.

  8. We are all members of one race and only one race the Human Race. there is no excuse for racism. We are all one people. I am in my 40s and unfortunately have experienced first hand the horrors of racism. We are all brothers and sisters. Let us treat each other with respect and dignity.

  9. I’m in my forties, have never attended a segregated school, or workplace, or public place. If you’re younger than people around my age, I’m sure you haven’t either. There’s no reason for racism or reverse racism…ever. We all breathe the same air!

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